Nuts And Bolts

The Targets

The orange flag showing on the right hand side means this target is set for offhand. The round flag hanging below the target indicates it is ready to be fired at.

The metal regulation targets at the Range are the mechanical reset type. When a shooter scores a "hit", a white metal paddle flips up and covers the black target. At the end of the shooting bout, the athlete looks to see how many misses they had, i.e. how many black target circles are still showing. The targets are reset and switched from offhand to prone settings by pulling on the reset rope at the firing line.

Next to the metal targets at each shooting point is a bullet trap to hang paper targets upon. The bullet traps contain almost all of the lead that is fired on the Range.

Paper targets are used for the zeroing process and during training.

The metal targets located under each lane number, shown with white scoring paddles closed here, and the paper targets in front of the bullet traps.